The Latest Scoop : December 30



The two police officers responsible for the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice have been cleared of charges due to the assumption that he was an older man waving his gun at civilians.

Criminal James Edward Coe, who escaped a North Carolina Prison in 1986, was arrested for stealing jewelry last Sunday. Upon further investigation, it was found that he had been a fugitive for decades.


Two members of Muslim biker gang Kamikaze Riders have been arrested by Belgian authorities on suspicions that the men were involved in an alleged plot to attack “emblematic sites” in Belgium’s capital during New Year’s celebrations.

US led coalitions killed 10 ISIS leaders, who were involved in the notorious Paris attacks, in airstrikes.


Former New York Governor George Pataki dropped his White House bid. With the election season favoring Donald Trump, Pataki’s campaign failed to garner enough media attention and funds.

Donald Trump decides to pick up the slack and spend $2 million per week on his campaign ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.


NASA receives $55 million from Congress to develop a safe habitat for astronauts on future missions in deep space . A prototype shall be produced before 2018.

Astronomers have concluded that giant comets called centaurs could potentially deflect when traveling through the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn, resulting in a possible collision with Earth. Learn more about this study here.




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