If the World Gives You Beauty, Immortalize It With Words



Hello World! My name is Rafa Farihah, your neighborhood noob blogger. Just kidding, I have no idea where any of you live. I reside in the one and only Houston. I am a freshman at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. And no, we do NOT ride horses to college.

As I created this blog, I signed up for a workshop called Blogging 101 which hopefully molds my amateur blogging skills into something much more appealing to myself and others. Moreover, I began blogging as an attempt to share my passion of fashion , photography, and writing. Blogging is a wonderful mode of communicating with people across the globe, all unique in their backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints.

I would like to share with you how I observe the world through my pupils and hopefully inspire someone, somewhere, somehow. Since my childhood, I have moved from New Jersey, to India, to Texas, providing me ample entertaining stories to tell you, my lovely readers. Traveling is another hobby of mine, which has sort of stemmed off of my frequent moves every few years, which I shall explain in a future entry. Anyways, traveling… what about traveling do I enjoy? Food, nature, relaxation, and even just the thrill of what each subsequent moment will bring. Where will I go, what will I see next, and what kinds of people will I meet? Stay tuned to keep up with my adventures both near and far.

Another goal of mine is to not only update you on my personal life/thoughts, but also create an environment where you can be informed about life beyond the internet. I intend to post pop culture opinionated pieces, fun listicles, health and beauty entries, stress-buster videos, and motivational videos to keep you going through the week.

More than any of these goals, I want to hear back from my readers, have you share your thoughts and experiences with me so we can live through them vicariously. We live only once, so might as well immortalize our stories by putting them into words so someone else can learn from them.

I hope Blogging 101 helps me take off as a writer in the blogosphere, make connections and gain more readers. I plan to post several times a week to keep my readers well-rounded, entertained and inspired. If any of these interest you, keep checking for the latest scoop and make sure to follow morescoopplease!



9 thoughts on “If the World Gives You Beauty, Immortalize It With Words

    1. That is so nice of you to say! What can I say, night lights make everything look glamorous 🙂 Looking forward to reading your blog as well.


    1. Hey! I love the theme of your blog *wink wink* Thank you so much. I try my best to have a unique opinion on things. Because that’s what people want to read. I check out your blog and followed you 😀 I must say, I love the poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi. Glad to see a new face in here. you are going to love the blogging 101 class. it was extremely enjoyable for me last year. Hope to read much more from you soon!


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