Take a Chill Pill : January 4

Lifestyle, Thoughts

This never fails to make me laugh. We all know someone who calls people out for unnecessary things. #dontbully


If you want to trick your friends, here is a little website called Peter Answers that I used to use as a kid. It claims to be a virtual tarot reader if you type in the petition box “Peter, please answer” or “Peter, please answer the following question” and type a question in the other box. This is obviously not real, but your friends don’t know that.

Wanna know the secret?  First, you need to ask your friend what question they want to ask (make sure you know the answer to the question too). Next, when you claim to be typing the petition, you want to click the period key (.) and type the answer to the question you both agreed on. The trick is that as you type the answer in the petition box, the answer does not show up. Instead, the words “Peter, please answer the following question” show up. Now just type the question in the “Question” box and voila! Usually, I just never tell my friends the secret and go along with the prank so I can reuse it multiple times with more people. When your friend tries it themselves (they won’t know about the hidden answer in the petition and pressing the period key) , the answer will simply come out as “I won’t talk until you believe in me”.  Have fun with it and try to keep a straight face!

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