TAKE A CHILL PILL : January 18

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I really don’t know. Don’t ask XD



*sigh* what some people will say to seem cool on national television. Have you been to Coachella?  Let me know in the comments below. It’s definitely on my bucket list, but I will be honest if a reporter comes up to me. I know your tricks, Kimmel.


7 thoughts on “TAKE A CHILL PILL : January 18

    1. I can’t even start with Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live. They just know exactly how to bring up my mood and turn a crappy day into something a bit more manageable. I have actually not heard of John Oliver. There are so many shows like this it is hard to keep track.What topics does his show target?

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      1. He basically just talks about current events in a humorous tone. But on the second though, screw John Oliver: do you, watch Inside Amy Schmuer? All her sketches are on YouTube. if you haven’t seen them, you NEED to go do that now. She is like … my spirit animal.


      2. LOL who doesn’t love Amy Schumer? I have seen a few sketches but not from that particular show. Trainwreck was amazing though! You know what, I will watch some Inside Amy Schumer videos right now. Thanks for the suggestion!

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