Living the Dream

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If money was not an object, what would I do? Who would I be? What would I aspire for?

If money was not an object, I would aspire to start my own successful hotel franchise, Farihah Hotels. I would also want to be journalist, actress, and UN ambassador. I would want to the world would be my palace so I could go on mission trips to benefit those around me. I would donate a large fraction of my earnings to the poor and to the research of developing cures for diseases. My home would be a simple one, as long as I have a loving family to cherish it with. I would live in a scenic and serene area not too close to the city, but not too secluded from society.

Unfortunately, money plays a considerable role in our daily lives so I do have to think practically when if comes to pursuing my dreams. That doesn’t mean I won’t shoot for the stars, because I know I was meant to fly. Believe in yourself.

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Today’s post was inspired by The Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing. “If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.” If you could choose a dream job or lifestyle , what would it be and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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