What Would Jenn Wear?

Fashion, Thoughts

Recently discovered this YouTuber and I have got to say, I love what she does and her outfits are spectacularly chic. I would definitely wear the clothes she picked out, especially because our styles are so similar. It is my dream to start a YouTube channel like this some day. Make sure to subscribe to her channel clothesencounters !

On a side note, I applied to become a writer for Her Campus at Texas A&M University two weeks ago and I got in! This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to grow as a versatile  writer and to improve my content for you guys. Wish me luck 😀

Take a peek at what Jenn has to show off!



9 thoughts on “What Would Jenn Wear?

    1. I know right? I missed out on such an amazing fashionista. Surprised I never came across her earlier! Any more fashion vloggers/YouTubers you can recommend?

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  1. I love Jenn too! I’ve been following her since her fledgling days on San Fran when she still made videos in her backyard with her best friend Sarah. I’d suggest watching her videos from way back when, her style was very different and just as quirky smart and thrifty.

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