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Happy Pi Day my lovely readers!  Hope you are all having a wonderful Spring Break. Feel free to pig out and eat some Girl Scout Cookies. Make sure to buy them before cookie season ends!  Let me know in the comments below what your plans are for the break. I know I am just going to be watching Netflix, meeting old friends, exploring Houston, and spending time with family.




No matter where you are from, how underdeveloped or terrible the circumstances, don’t ever let society tell you “You can’t do anything great in your life.” We are all capable of creating futures for ourselves, even if it means overriding our ego to ask for help. Never be ashamed of the people who raised you and brought you where you are in life. One day, when you are successful, you will proudly show the world your background and inspire everyone else who have it harder than you, to persevere.  You can show them that they too have a chance of succeeding.


10 Signs You’re Ready for Spring Break

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It is that time of year when the weather is adjusting to reach that ideal breezy spring getaway weather we all dream of. Say goodbye to scarves and riding boots because it’s time to whip out the sandals and palazzo pants. SB2K16 is just around the corner! College is just not appealing anymore because the only things on our minds are fun, food, and friends. Here are some signs you are ready to sprint home the moment college lets out:

1. You have started slacking off since the end of the first cycle of exams


You have a whole week to catch up. Psyche! Not happening.

2. Your to-do list consists of salon appointments and beauty products to buy


3. You are constantly checking to see when the weather is above 60 degrees




4. You already bought concerts tickets months ago


5. Your suitcase is stuffed with rompers and swimsuits even though you haven’t              worked out since last summer


6. You can’t wait to meet the crew from High School. You called shotgun a LONG time ago



7. Your best friend is your bed: No shame girls


8. There is nothing better to do in your spare time than binge eat because you’ve finished all the good shows on Netflix




9. Your skin is suspiciously too soft and pampered


A little too suspicious… ehh Mrs. Doubtfire?

10. You piled up all your laundry to take home because you are just too lazy. That explains your clothing choices lately



2016 Oscars: 10 Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities

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The biggest night in Hollywood, the annual Oscars, was home to some of the most tragic and sexy outfits ever seen. Many celebrities knew how to own their outfit and work it on the red carpet, while some absolutely what they were doing and what event they were attending. Train wrecks.


  1. Hottest Couple: Chrissy Teigen in Marchesa and John Legend in a black tux. This couple was the bomb.com. No further comments needed.


2. Prettiest Bride: Priyanka Chopra in Zuhair Murad. This Indian beauty looked like a Goddess in her flowy white lace gown.


3. Most Similar to the Oscar Trophy: Margot Robbie in Tom Ford. This dress shimmers, looks chic, and has a deep plunge. Check. Check. Check!


4. Most Elegant: Maria Menounos in custom Christian Siriano. Maria looked stunning in her silver gown. Keeping it classy.


5. Most Vibrant: Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney. This dress is fairly simple but so refreshing to look at. The one-shoulder capelet brought this sharp outfit to another level.


6. Best Revenge Outfit: Jennifer Garner in Atelier Versace. Jennifer Garner slayed it in that dress. Not too much skin and she paired it with simple jewelry.


7. Hottest Vampire: Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier. That high slit emerald dress and plunging back says it all. Rachel has changed her name from cute Canadian to sassy and classy. SLAY!


8. Mr.Cool: Common in a white tuxedo. He just hopped into a tux and added the sharp black bowtie but he still looks oh-s0-fine. This is why we love Common so much.


9. Most Empowering: Kerry Washington in Atelier Versace. She rocked the edgy and dom chic look. Who run the world? Girls!


10. Best Fairy Queen: Cate Blanchett in Armani. Cate walked into the Oscars straight from the enchanted forest. Not to say, she looks magnificent.




1. Best Ring Master: Sandy Powell. BREAKING NEWS: “The Ringling Bros. Ring Master goes MIA during during LA Performance.” Anyways, where is the whip?


2. Best Flower Girl: Heidi Klum in Marchesa. Heidi Klum probably got the wrong memo. I think the Muppet wedding was next door.


3. Most Economical : Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tischi. I don’t understand why Rooney decided to show up wearing a torn up lace tablecloth.


4. Best Prom Queen: Brie Larson in Gucci. This dress is just awkward and frilly. Looks like jellyfish tentacles sewed onto the dress.


5. Most Intergalactic: Olivia Wilde in Valentino Haute Couture. This dress seems like a maxi skirt from the bottom and overalls from the top. Then there is a dog collar…country meets boho? So confused.


6. Simple Darling: Emily Blunt in Prada. Bluntly speaking (hehe pun intended),  this seems like a sad excuse for an Academy Awards dress. A maxi dress with some patterns from Walmart glued on.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

7. Cutest Belle: Alicia Vikander in custom Louis Vuitton. For a grown adult, Alicia sure has childish hopes of being a princess someday. That hemline is atrocious.


8. Best Tour Guide: Amy Poehler in Andrew Gn. Last time we checked, this was the Oscars. Amy arrived looking like she forgot to change after her shift at the Japanese steakhouse.


9. Miss Hefty: Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren. If this were a Project Runway task and you only had trash bags, then yes, it works. But for the Oscars, sorry Kate, I am going to have to say no.


10. Best Joker: Jared Leto in Gucci. He sure is getting creative with the oddly placed “bowtie”. Why does he have Hostess CupCakes on his shoes?