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I sit on my bed asking myself,

What I did to deserve this smothering

sensation I feel when he is tense.

When I look into his eyes every morning,

I don’t recognize him as daddy, but someone else.


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In Search of Me


Wow I love how deep this poem is. I hope we all succeed in our search to find ourselves. Everyday is a new journey filled with self-revelations. Every experience in our lives changes a microscopic part of us, and over time we realize that we aren’t the same people we were years ago. Then the search continues for what we want from life and what we wish to achieve. Slowly but surely ,one will day you will discover that one puzzle piece of your soul that you never knew was gone, and will understand yourself completely.

A lot from Lydia

While In search of Me

I took a detour

Set aside my search

Became a wife

Still half heartedly

In search of Me

I evolved into “Thing 1’s mom,” no longer Me

Next I was “Thing 1 and Thing 2’s mom”

Whereas something was still missing

I ripened into “Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3’s mom”

I always will be

They are my heart

Time and energy for my search of Me were gone

Then somehow like many

I became “a single mom”


Crescendo upon me

Momminess does wind down

Now again

I am

In search of Me


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Scandalous Secrets


As Dr. Morris began his Economics lecture on a Tuesday afternoon, a reporter meekly stumbled into the room, apparently confused if she was in the correct room. She slipped her way to the end of the computer room and seated herself by the last computer in the row, trying not to interrupt the lecture. Dr. Morris — wearing a maroon checkered shirt, khaki pants, and an old-fashioned desert brown tweed blazer – continued to lecture, oblivious to the students’ reactions. Everyone and anyone who had heard of him, knew he was a man with dirty secret. Word spread fast about his illegal pastimes of embezzling money. Dr. Morris seemed too shrewd not to know that his criminal activities had been exposed. And there he was, with a smile plastered onto his face, pacing across the room with his squeaky burnished leather penny loafers. He should have known better than to allow a reporter into his place of employment, to observe his every action as if he were a lab rat, critically analyzing to find that one give away in his demeanor that makes for a juicy cover story. After the lecture ended, the reporter grabbed her satchel and scurried out the door, dropping a paper along the way. Dr.Morris picked it up and ran behind her. Once he caught up with her, he glanced at it and read aloud with a stern look, “Investigation: Dr. Morris Embezzlement Scandal.”

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All humans are designed to have the same basic needs and desires. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, apart from biological needs, we crave emotional support, positive interpersonal relationships, and self-actualization. Why should these needs be any different for people who are disabled in one or more aspects of their lives? Everyone is beautiful to someone (apart from family). Sometimes we just forget that, and lower our self-esteem. Sometimes we hear that we are incapable of reaching a goal, and that stops us from trying. Don’t ever look down on yourself because you have just as much potential to follow you dream, as the person right next to you. Some people may need an extra push to get started, but once they have that support, they can move mountains.

This really makes you reevaluate your views…



Don’t give up your dream because someone tells you it isn’t worth it. No one knows what destiny has planned for you, so believe. Believe in yourself for your self-satisfaction. If not for yourself, then believe for the sake of the people who took risks in life and made something great of their lives. Respect them, and respect yourself.

The hope that ignites a spark,

dies out as it fades to dark,

on hearing dispiriting remarks.

They love me but hate the art.


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Make sure to catch Melissa McCarthy’s “The Boss” in theaters on April 8. Hope everyone had a pranktastic April Fool’s Day! What pranks did you fall for, or pull on your friends? Let me know in the comments below.