In Search of Me


Wow I love how deep this poem is. I hope we all succeed in our search to find ourselves. Everyday is a new journey filled with self-revelations. Every experience in our lives changes a microscopic part of us, and over time we realize that we aren’t the same people we were years ago. Then the search continues for what we want from life and what we wish to achieve. Slowly but surely ,one will day you will discover that one puzzle piece of your soul that you never knew was gone, and will understand yourself completely.

A lot from Lydia

While In search of Me

I took a detour

Set aside my search

Became a wife

Still half heartedly

In search of Me

I evolved into “Thing 1’s mom,” no longer Me

Next I was “Thing 1 and Thing 2’s mom”

Whereas something was still missing

I ripened into “Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3’s mom”

I always will be

They are my heart

Time and energy for my search of Me were gone

Then somehow like many

I became “a single mom”


Crescendo upon me

Momminess does wind down

Now again

I am

In search of Me


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