This Japanese Personality Test Tells You Everything You Didn’t Know

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Buzzfeed recently posted this video about a Japanese Cube Test that assesses your character and personality. This “game” of self-awareness is based on the concept of kokology,  the study of kokoro, or “mind” in Japanese. It is usually played by two people, one who narrates hypothetical and psychological questions, while the other answers. The narrator will ask the other player to imagine and describe up to five objects. Based on these responses, they will interpret and reveal the player’s hidden thoughts on various aspects of life.

Take the test and let me know your results in the comments below! I would love to get to know your different personalities. My results are below the video. Make sure not to peep until you finish taking the test! Wouldn’t want to spoil it for yourself.



My Results: I will just put down what I imagined, rather than the analysis. That way, if you accidentally read this before taking the test, you won’t ruin it for yourself as much.

My cube was a little bit bigger than a Rubik’s cube , it was made of glass and it was five feet above the ground and perfectly in reach. My ladder was roughly 50 ft from the cube, but still clearly visible. It was made of wood and slanted opposite to the cube. The brown and unadorned horse was in a field full of yellow tulips (no clue why, since tulips don’t thrive in deserts) 15 feet from the ladder (which was far from the cube). The horse was neighing and kicking, ready for me to jump on and venture off. The storm was miles away but I was not afraid. I was happy that we will get showers of rain in the desert.

2 thoughts on “This Japanese Personality Test Tells You Everything You Didn’t Know

  1. My cube was small and on the ground. it was a very shiny black yet you could see through it to the hills beyond. The ladder was a small metal one with only two steps upon it (much like a step stool) and was lying on the ground touching the cube. My horse was pure white, and had a beautiful red and turquoise blanket on his back and tassels on his bridle. The flowers covered a hillside far in the distance and the storm was raining on them.
    the funny thing about that little test? I never wanted kids, never think of them at I can not say why I had so many flowers. it was fun though.

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