5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught on Tape


Humans are social creatures. We make friendships and acquaintances. Some people come into our lives for a reason, and some vanish into thin air… literally.

What do you think really happened to these five people?  Let me know in the comments below.

My Conclusions:

Case #5: Jacky Sutton

Friends, family, and coworkers all express disbelief at the thought that it may have been a suicide. They believe that Sutton was too happy and passionate about impacting people’s lives to have had those thoughts. It all seems weird. Normally, I would have conceded that it may have been a suicide but why would she go shopping beforehand? Sutton was very well known as a veteran journalist. She definitely had a lot of connections and it is possible that she made several enemies along the way. I think the only remaining practical solution is that someone was out to get her and they did a good job of getting away with it.

Case #4: Lars Mittank

Varna is a common tourist destination in Bulgaria. Mittank had a successful career and a good group of friends. They stayed at a posh hotel by the beach and their booze and food was on the house. However, Mittank did not eat much during the trip. He got in a bar fight later and as he was waiting outside a fast food restaurant for his friends, some odd men from the bar came and beat him up. Since then, Mittank claimed four men were following him. My guess is that the men were part of the Bulgarian Mafia and they were constantly following Mittank, threatening his life. This could possibly have been a human trafficking case.  Here is an update on the case.

Case #3: Brian Shaffer

There is only one realistic solution here. Shaffer’s corpse is still in the building till this date. What happened to him is still up for debate. It could have been something as sinister as a homicide. Read more about it here.

Case #2: Alan Jeal

Officers believe that the man wearing a long dark coat with a fisherman hat was Jeal while he was waiting for a bus. This leads me to believe that Jeal was mugged and killed. Why else would his credit cards be missing? Not sure why the cash was left behind though.

Case #1: The Jamison Family

I am a huge horror movie fan and although I normally wouldn’t suggest this, I believe that paranormal activity was involved in the case. Since the Jamison’s house was haunted, a satanic book was involved, and the family was in a trance-like state, I think they were possessed as they packed their things into the truck. This seems like a classic ghost movie plot where someone gets possessed, murders their family in a trance-like state, and wakes up not remembering a thing.



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