America’s Got Talent: Now the World Knows Her Name


Here come’s Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. The latest episode featured 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal singing an original song, “I Don’t Know My Name.” At first glance, this adorable little girl from New York seems like she can steal our hearts with a cute song. But she definitely shocked the judges and America in a much different way. Just as the ukulele finished her touching song, she received a standing ovation from Cowell, Mandel and Klum.

“I think you are living, beautiful, walking miracle,” Mandel said before giving her the golden buzzer.”You’re original…I think the world is going to know your name.”

For those of you who don’t know what the golden buzzer is, the concept was introduced in Season 9 of the show. Each judge may only press it once during the season and it sends the act straight to the live shows.

“Grace, you know what I predict for you? I think you are the next Taylor Swift ,” Cowell said. Hearing something like this from a tough cookie like Cowell says a lot about her talent. VanderWaal’s unique voice and  Southern English accent in her songs make her that much harder not to love.

None of VanderWaal’s friends knew she sang. Now the whole world knows that she will become a star. This video had me tearing up. Seeing people’s dreams come true is such an inspiration to all of us. If they can do it, there is still hope for every one of us. Shoot for the stars and you shall reach them.

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6 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent: Now the World Knows Her Name

      1. Yes and then it is hard for the young ones to cope up with, here also I have seen many young people lost in the run who shot to fame owing to the many talent hunts. Once you dont get further breaks it is difficult to sustain and for us the people out of sight is out of mind, but for the teens it becomes very difficult to cope up with. Wish her fame and next Gaga on the making.

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