5 Creepy Disney Movie Secrets Revealed


Just when we wanted to show our little ones Finding Dory.


The Scar mask is by far the scariest one here.

And for those of you who don’t know what a genie is, the Arabic word “jinn” (djinn, al-jinn or genie) means “to be hidden.” This is what Aladdin’s BBF really is. Muslims believe that the jinn live amongst human beings, created for the same purposes as humans but just invisible to our eye, unless you try to conjure them. Many of them can be evil and are often used by fortune tellers and for black magic. Creepy, huh?


3 thoughts on “5 Creepy Disney Movie Secrets Revealed

  1. I try not to pick through Disney movies–really any movie or show– especially ones based off of myths and legend (my field of study and great passion). There are just too many inconsistencies and inaccuracies. They drive me crazy! I can’t help but think, while watching these movies with my little kids, ‘you’ve got the story all wrong’. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

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