The Orlando Shooting: Little Did We Know


It was like any other day when I woke up on Sunday morning. I sat up in my bed, groggy  and a tad bit hungry since I was fasting for Ramadan. My first instinct was to check my phone, as if I am immobile unless I am constantly updated. I checked my e-mail hoping to hear back from an online magazine I had applied to write for. No luck.

“Oh my God, my group chat is blowing up again. These people stay up all night talking about who knows what,” I thought to myself. Little did I know that America had its deadliest mass shooting a few hours before, in the city of Orlando.

I grabbed my laptop and scanned the headlines sprawled across Yahoo News. The first thought that sprung to my mind was “Please don’t tell me the shooter was Muslim.” We already get so much loathing from several people as it is. We don’t need psychopaths stirring up any more trouble for us.

Omar Mateen. Such a beautiful Arabic name, meaning long-lived, powerful, and eloquent speaker. It’s a shame the shooter didn’t know how to live up to it. If his heart was suffused with that much rage against the LGBTQ community, why not post a Facebook rant? Worst comes to worst, he may have lost a few online friends. Not literally.

This man was enraged when he saw two men kissing at Pulse night club that night. What did we assume? We assumed he was a radically religious man who wanted to put an end to something he hated, gays. But what we didn’t know was that this man wasn’t as religious as he seemed. If he was, he wouldn’t have picked up his Sig Sauer MCX that day and snatched the innocent souls out of 49 bodies ruthlessly. But what did we do wrong? Assume. We assumed his motives before we had any evidence. Just because he was a “Muslim”.

Little did we know that he was gay. All the dating apps he used prove it, but this man was too cowardly to come to terms with it. Sources say that most of the people he reached out to blocked him because he was too emotionally unstable. Maybe he was furious at the men he saw not because he was repulsed, but because he was jealous. Little did we know that he was trying to fight his inner demons and get rid of his homosexuality that he didn’t want to deal with. So he took out his gun and killed the joyous spirits of those who accepted themselves and were proud of their identities.

I am proud of who they were because they put smiles on faces, loved one another, formed a community to withstand the hate that society throws their way, and they owned up to who they were. My condolences go out to their friends, families, and loved ones who are grieving.

Omar Mateen was not a human, nor were his actions Islamic.


Watch the emotional story of Orlando shooting survivor, Patience Carter here .

15 thoughts on “The Orlando Shooting: Little Did We Know

  1. I completely understand how it is when there is a horrible event like this, and it seems to always be someone of the same race. Whenever I hear about a riot or some type of crime I think, “Oh, God please don’t let it be a black guy acting a fool” and most of the time it is. It’s disappointing that this happens, and the innocent people who are kind take the heat for someone’s stupidity. I get really upset when I hear people and friends say things that are completely disrespectful about Muslims, gays or any other group, and just think everyone either Black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever, all are criminals, terrorist, border hoppers, etc…it’s all b.s.
    I think it can be said that the only way things will change is if our own communities stand up and take action.
    That means holding our own family members, religious members and friends accountable, and smack them upside the head when they act stupid. If that means selling them out and turn them into the police then they brought it on themselves. If that means losing a friend to stand up for something right, then it’s worth the risk.

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    1. I definitely agree with you. We can’t have people making our community look bad for their negligent mistakes. We need to make sure we are being good humans and respecting the lives and feelings of others. That is the only way things will change. I just checked out your blog and I loved the Priest post! Followed!

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      1. Totally! I think people now adays don’t have respect for life, respect for themselves or others.That’s why I think it’s great that you spoke out about this on your blog. We all need to respect each other despite our difference and need to turn our backs to people who want to use hate and violence to solve problems.
        Thanks for following my blog! I followed yours as well!!!!

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    1. Thank you! Definitely! No one should be targeted for heinous crimes like this. It is hard enough to mourn for the deceased, but with the burden of being disrespected for no reason on top of that? It’s too much to deal with. You are a partner of Dream Big, Dream Often too! Your blog is wonderful and so professional looking. Loved your Father’s Day post. Followed!

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