From Commander-in-chief to Couch Commander


Hold up. Before you do anything else…

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We have had a wonderful eight years with Obama as the president of the United States. In my 18 years of existence, I could not have asked for a better leader. He made a difference in our lives, whether we believe it or not. During his presidency, we have observed the legalization of same-sex marriage in America, normalized relations between U.S, and Cuba, improved unity against terrorism, the nuclear deal with Iran, 13.7 million new jobs over the course of 3 years and an improved economy, his initiatives against racism, and the list goes on.

5 thoughts on “From Commander-in-chief to Couch Commander

  1. I was in the USA when he was elected, I a mere English vsitor was excited and still believe him to have been the most personable and honest president there has been in my lifetime. America will be a poorer place without him. 😇 just an opinion from an interloper an interested party who loved what he wanted to bring, even when they tied his hands he kept trying.

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