Accessorize With Me: You Are What You Wear

Hold up. Before you do anything else…

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Want to find a neat way to look chic even when you are in a hurry?

Accessories speak a thousand words. Whether you step out in sweats or distressed jeans, a simple scarf thrown over, a hat, a ring, or nice shoes can alter your look completely. Just because it is finals week or you just rolled out of bed, doesn’t mean you should look like a bum.

How you look has a profound impact on your level of confidence. If you ran into a potential employer or potential partner at the grocery store, ask yourself if you would want to approach them if your hair is in a bun, your under-eye bag game is strong, you missed a spot while shaving, and are wearing sweats and flip flops. By all means, be comfortable in your own skin but unfortunately, in this world first impressions mean a lot. This is why employers care so much about your clothing choices in interviews. Would you wear neon yellow strappy heels or classic black pumps?

Shop my accessories

Shoes: Chestnut Makalu Thuli Moccasins, Shoe Carnival

Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger

Backpack: Walmart

Spiked Cuff: Forever 21

1. Your shoes show who you are, while your hair/hat shows who you want to be perceived as.

2B26814600000578-0-image-m-53_1438877314101                converse-grey-cuffed-skinny-sweat-pants-with-tie-front-small-logo-tracksuit-gray-product-3-715381997-normal                                                      NO                                                                                          YES    

If you aren’t going to the beach, there is no need to settle for flip flops. That’s not trying. If flats are your thing, try faux leather sandals like these:

Forever 21

2. It’s the little things that count. Don’t overdo your jewelry. No one has time for that. A simple thumb ring and cuff will suffice and make you look classy.



3. Style up the inevitable. If you have to go to school, work, or the grocery store, you need a purse, wallet, or a bag with you. Don’t buy a basic backpack. Get something colorful or cute so that you won’t have to do anything extra to glam up your look. Just grab your daily backpack/purse and head out. Make sure to buy these in neutral colors to ensure they go with most of your outfits. A brown-orange leather color, deep blue, dark red, black and white are your safest options.




My daily wallet from Forever 21

4. All you need for this trick is a scarf. Scarves can be worn in hundreds of different styles. Buy four patterned scarves for less than $15 at Walmart and you are good to go. Style them up a different way each week and revive a normally dull look.

My favorite scarf tutorial:


Have fun on your journey to glamour!

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  1. These are some really nice tips..thanks!

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