7 Weird Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Hello my loves! In case you don’t know, I just started my own Youtube channel and spent days filming and editing my latest video. This video is for everyone to enjoy, even if you happened to just stumble upon this site.

Life can be a little cloudy at times, so I am sure none of you will want pass up an opportunity to learn hacks to make life easier, and have a little laugh. I upload videos every Wednesday and I promise there will be something for everyone. PLEASE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and make a girl happy 😃

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  1. alysia marie says:

    Hey there! We’ve read each other’s blog before so I don’t feel awkward asking you this question! How do you gain followers on here? I’m very new and still trying to figure out how to find blogs and get people to read mine/follow me! Would love some help and tips!

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    1. Of course! Post your articles on all your social media for one and tell all your friends that you have a blog. My friends all know me as “the blogger” because I always post links and try writing viral articles about pressing topics. If it is a really good post, ask your friends to share it too. I can give you more tips if you email me (email is on my About page). Also can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos. And do you mind sharing this post on your social media? I am really trying to get more subscribers/viewers for my new YouTube channel. 🙂


  2. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on DREAM BIG DREAM OFTEN and commented:
    One More Shot Please has produced a great video!

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  3. 49lilykatz says:

    Ms. Rafa, that apple hack is scary, but who knows? I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying your humor. Wright on!

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    1. Aww thank you so much! Make sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my channel to stay updated! And make sure to tell your friends about my channel too if you can 🙂 Would mean so much to me!


      1. 49lilykatz says:

        Yes, indeed. Wright on.

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