How to Look American


Hold up. Before you do anything else…

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Here is a video on some tips to look as American as ever. Anyone can do it! Whether you are an undocumented Mexican, a Jew or Muslim who covers their head, a nun, or any other religion/race, there is still hope for you to assimilate 👍🏽

It is absolutely pathetic that videos like these even have to be made to ridicule society’s backward thinking. Unless you came from the uterus of someone who founded this country, you are an immigrant as well, even if your skin color is white. That basically puts all of us on the same boat then, doesn’t it? Now sifting through society to pick out who belongs and who doesn’t makes no sense. Are we some kind of insects that you just throw out?

Religious practices don’t define your ethnicity either. Just because most Christians live in America or Europe, that doesn’t mean you won’t find Christians in India or Saudi Arabia. You can find white people in America who converted to Islam and cover up as well. If you tell them to go back where they came from, where would they go? If they took off their hijab, you couldn’t even tell they are Muslim.

Bottom line is, if you are either born in a country or raised there, that makes you one of the members of its society regardless of what you practice or how you look.

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