7 thoughts on “3 Quick & Easy Hijab Tutorials

  1. When I was in Palestine I wore a hijab. I am not Muslim but I was staying in a town with conservative people and did not wish to annoy, embarrass, disrespect them. The young woman I was visiting taught me how to wrap one…and I felt beautiful. I still wear my scarves in the fall and winter-time by wrapping them as a hijab. At first I got a lot of stares and several awful remarks. Now people just ignore it all. For the women who choose to wear conservative clothing I salute you. The west could take a lesson in how to look respectful as well as how to look nice without baring their bodies to all.

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  2. This was fascinating and you look great, too.
    It’s amazing what you don’t know you don’t know, until you find out. Now I know how hijabs are tied and I never realised that I wondered how it was done.

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  3. Whoohoo! New video! I wish that hijabs are less stigmitized, because they are truly beautiful. Great vid by the way “LEET’SS GOO”!

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