What Is Your Life Story?


I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel a little down when I think of my future career and competing with myself to get better at what I do. I strive to become a successful scarf-wearing news anchor on national television and a well-known YouTuber. I want to improve my speaking/interviewing skills and be able to influence the way in which the news is portrayed. I don’t want it to seem like I am biased in any way just because I openly represent my faith through the way I dress. I want to make it easier for those Muslim women who think they can’t get a job because of their religion and the way they dress. I want to be the best reporter I can be and improve on my filming skills. Those are my career goals. It is up to you guys, my lovely followers to view my videos, help me improve my content by commenting on what you did/didn’t like, subscribe, and share my link to your friends. I truly love every one of you who has supported me in this way 😘.
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Throughout the years, I have been changing my mind regarding what I want to do with my life, and identifying who I really am. The change is never going to end, but I have gotten a pretty good sense of my responses to those two questions. When I feel like I am stagnant and not moving forward, I like to watch motivational videos from successful people so I can understand the struggles they went through. It cheers me up and convinces me that hard work will always pay off if you don’t give up easily. There will be crises along the way, but you have to remain unstoppable on this winding journey.

Check out this “Draw My Life” video by famous YouTuber Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman. She has nearly 10 million subscribers and she has literally been all over the world, chilling with her best friend celebrities and politicians worldwide. If she can reach the stars, so can we. I hope this video helps out at least one person.

What is your life story? Comment down below, and maybe I will do a “Draw My Life” too.

17 thoughts on “What Is Your Life Story?

  1. My name is Ludwig, I am officially retired from a career in technology. My work included leading teams at the cutting edge of product development. My experience tells me that you have the wrong goals in mind. You state what you want to be – a scarf-wearing news anchor – not what you want to do. Success goes to those with passion for their work, who are driven to do the best job they can, being reporting on events or any other field. The world admires those who do a good job, rarely those who just want to have a good job.

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  2. Definitely with hardwork, passion, paying active attention to what really matters, looking and being there to fill up gaps, patience and trust in God. You will achieve it.. my goal is to educate our current society by telling relevant and making relevant stories. I see many young people forget their roots, many have lost values which in turn adds to the moral decadence. As a young people, I want to tell other young people that they can live in a corrupt society but still choose to do right as opposed to conform. Cheers friend, I wish us all the best😄👍💛

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    1. I think that is a great message to teach this upcoming generation. It is highly necessary to do so, because the world isn’t getting any better. Racism seems to as worse than it was back in the days of slavery. It’s not different. Black Americans are still scared to send their kids out as they wonder if they will return home safely. People are worried they won’t land a major job because of the way they look or their religious beliefs. I know you can do it. We all need a little motivation sometimes. Thank you for your kind thoughts, friend 😃

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  3. This will sound a but cheeky, but in my late thirties I fullfilled my dream to earn my living by writing. My life has been so varied and with so many experiences, highs and lows that it has taken me 3 memoirs to get it all down on paper. You may want to check them out on Amazon, as I’ve been told they are very inspirational (and won awards) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lucinda-E-Clarke/e/B00FDWB914/ I’m not doing this to sell books, but it would take me forever to offer advice in a post!! 🙂 But it can be done, against all the odds with hard work and determination.

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    1. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing! No, it’s not cheeky at all. I am so proud of your accomplishments. You are a great exampled of someone who has gone through struggles and obstructions to reach where they are now. And I commend you for that 🙂

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  4. Encouraging post… Yes, good times do come, even if you have to wait for a very long time and bear hard circumstances. With passion, determination, hard work, and good-will anything can be achieved. I believe.

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