Summer to Fall Transition Lookbook!

Here it is! The back to school fall lookbook everyone has been waiting for. I spent forever filming this in the heat so I hope it was worth it. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Check back in a few hours and I should have all the outfit links in the description box. Please give it a thumbs up! Subscribe if you haven’t!

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  1. Suze says:

    I absolutely LOVE the first blue striped outfit you wore! I think modest clothing is so much nicer than the junk the kids are wearing around here. You look beautiful as well as comfortable.and that silver scarf is gorgeous! I wear a lot of scarves…sometimes wrapping them like a hijab. not meaning any offense but simply because they make this old woman look pretty darned good!

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    1. Haha aww thank you so much, love! Btw it was black stripes. Might be hard to tell from the video. I guess people wear whatever works best for them and this seems to make me happy. The way I see it is, the more clothing, the more ways to accessorize/mix & match! Yeah wearing a scarf on your head protects the hair from sun damage and pollution. It’s got great benefits!

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      1. Suze says:

        I started wearing a scarf on a trip to Egypt. I did it out of respect for my driver after noticing he never looked at my face but looked away when speaking with me. I asked him about it and he said it was disrespectful to look at a woman he wasn’t married to that had uncovered hair. I thought how sweet and asked if it would bother him if i covered my hair. He and I both saw it as a sign of mutual respect. I wear a scarf a lot now and only a few times has anyone asked about it. I am careful not to wear it like a hijab as I am not a follower of Islam and do not wish to disrespect anyone….but I simply love them. sorry for the novel…lol

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      2. Wow what an interesting story. And where do you live now? Has wearing a scarf just become a habit now?

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      3. Suze says:

        pretty much. I live in Oklahoma and they are used to me and my “strange ways” here. lol I wear one more often than not.

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  2. dalecooper57 says:

    Very stylish, I particularity like the dark blue outfit at the start and the one with the pale blue waistcoat at the end. Nice presentation.

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    1. Thank you so much! That was a lot of people’s personal favorite!

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  3. Jhaneel says:

    Love the outfit with the light blue vest!

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    1. Thanks! Haha everyone loves that one the best.


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