Are You Afraid of a Little Meat?

No need to be scared of halal meat. Don’t worry, halal meat in no way funds or sponsors ISIS and neither are any of us halal meat-eating muslims pledging allegiance to them by eating this healthy meat. Halal meat is simply cut in a way that provides minimal physical and emotional pain to animals (hence, no other animals must be present while the butcher slaughters their friend). Draining the bad blood (preach, T-Swift) from animals rids them of many diseases that we may potentially ingest otherwise.

Halal meat is required to be slaughtered for consumption, which means you can’t just pick up roadkill somewhere and serve that on a platter. And don’t fear the “prayer” that the butchers read. It’s not some kind of black magic voodoo. They just bless the meat by saying “God is great” and then thanking God for his wonderful creations and the food he has provided us. It’s kind of like saying grace, but to bless the entire process of making the meat until (and after) it reaches your super markets.

Being scared of halal meat makes you as ridiculous as this woman here:

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  1. zhyxtheman says:

    Hysteria takes many forms, all of them just as stupid. I’m a Lutheran and love Halal meat. It answers many of my criticisms of the meat industry, and provides a great and healthy food product by ethical means. If anything, I’d like to know where it is more readily available around my neck of the woods.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! It’s great to hear people wanting to learn more about different practices started by different religions and using them for the benefit they truly pose!

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  2. dalecooper57 says:

    Excellent article, I shall share this on Facebook to educate all the bigoted idiots who reside there.

    We used to have a halal shop here and the meat was superb, which was a good enough reason for me to buy it.

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    1. Thank you for spreading the word! God Bless you 🙂

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