Can You Find the Mystery in This Video?


I found this video to be so cute initially…until I watched till the end. Keep your eyes peeled while watching this and try to find the hidden message throughout, before it is revealed.


It’s always important to determine the early signs of violent behavior and address it before it is too late. Anger is one of those things that doesn’t go away if it is ignored or bottled up in your heart. The grudges keep building up until one day, you just explode and let out those feelings, and not in a good way. Cry if you have to. You aren’t pathetic or weak because you cry. I know I do it a lot when I am stressed. I promise you will only feel better afterwards. Talking to a friend or someone who wants to help is a good idea. Seeing a professional can be even better if you feel like you can trust one better than someone you already know. If you need anything at all or just someone to talk to, feel free to email me and we can chat there. You can find my email in the “About Me” tab of my blog.

I recently started watching the Scream TV series, which is about a serial killer who strategically plots the murders of the main character’s friends to ultimately get to her. I won’t reveal anything just in case you want to watch. I absolutely love this show, but it got me thinking about real life serial killers. No one is born with deranged thoughts. Even Ted Bundy was brought up by wonderful parents. He was never bullied, sexually assaulted, abused, or tormented in any way. He developed these graphic thoughts over time with exposure to pornography and various other sources, as he says in an interview hours before his execution. So the point is, talking to someone about how you are feeling is always a good idea. If it’s someone else you are worried about, approach them in a comforting and nonjudgemental way.

12 thoughts on “Can You Find the Mystery in This Video?

  1. in the very first scene in that library I picked up on the gun mag and couldn’t stop watching that young man. People don’t notice though the everyday things that build up inside the kids who act out violently. I am always amazed at the neighbors and teachers who say things like “he’s such a good boy” or “he’s just a shy person”.nice, shy, good boys and girls grow into killing machines and we can stop it in it’s tracks if we just LOOK.

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    1. I think it is definitely important to keep checking up on kids who hesitate to socialize and kids who exhibit violent behavior. But I don’t know if I would agree with “nice, shy, good boys and girls grow into killing machines” because that is definitely not true about all shy children.

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      1. listen carefully to the neighbors or friends commenting on shooters after they are caught. there will always be one saying “but he was such a nice boy”..or something to that effect.and of course you are correct. Not all of them act violently. the vast majority act appropriately.

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