The Average Black Girl


No one should be considered “average,” let alone an “average black girl.” For that matter, no one should be compared to a stereotype for any race. Each person is unique and special in their own way. Be proud of who you are and where your ancestors originated from. Strive to be the best representation of yourself and your role models, not some stereotype that misrepresents your individual character and personality. Some stereotypes may even be positive, but it’s not right to assume a person is something just because of the color of their skin.

I read in the news that Versace allegedly has a special store “code” that alerts the employees every time a black customer steps into the store. The employees say “D410” to each other when this happens so they can keep a close eye on the customer.

There was a recent viral video about a black woman entering Victoria’s Secret with her friend to shop for lingerie. Earlier that day, another black woman stole some merchandise, so an employee assumed they were in on the crime together and asked the customer to leave. However, she never questioned any of the white customers who entered the store. Unfair practices like these are what are reverting the social development of this country. This is the epitome of racial profiling.

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