Goodbye 2016…Hello to a Fresh Start


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve celebration. I know I had to get home before midnight, when drunk driving peaks to an all time high in the year.


For New Year’s Eve I spent the night at a family friend dinner party as I stuffed my mouth with food. We ended up reaching my house at 11 pm, when my best friend came over and we walked around the neighborhood in our PJ’s to watch the fireworks. It’s become a tradition of sorts and I always wear my TMNT fleece onesie. Not only were we on a hunt for the radiant explosions of colors in the murky sky, but we were desperately trying to capture the fireworks on Snapchat and Instagram.

My neighbors were having a New Year’s bash in their backyard with the radio blaring and a parade of fireworks. My friend and I stood in their lawn, phones ready to Snapchat, as we danced and screamed along to the songs like the children we are in our hearts. I am pretty sure the party people heard us but as soon as someone began walking towards the front of the house, we bolted. Crazy, adventurous moments like these make up my highlights of the year. This exhilaration is what I look forward to in 2017.


Here are my New Year resolutions:

  1. Be more compassionate, generous, and hopeful
  2. Spend more time with friends and family
  3. Be more consistent with YouTube, IG, and blog posts
  4. Hustle Hustle Hustle
  5. Work out everyday even if it’s just for 10 minutes
  6. Smile and laugh more
  7. Go on crazy spontaneous adventures
  8. Eat healthier and sleep on time
  9. Submit a short film to SXSW

Highlights of 2016:

  • Made amazing friends and memories 
  • First road trip and weekend getaway
  • Smooth transition after transferring colleges
  • Started YouTube channel; first 200 subscribers on Jan 1
  • My own radio show
  • Contributor for Elite Daily, MissMuslim, Society19 and Her Campus
  • Support from you all 
  • Landed an internship for Spring 2017
  • Cooked my first 4 course meal with friends
  • Arlington and Austin trip with friends
  • Toured a news station
  • Went to Canada
  • Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam concert
  • Crashed into a hotel room with friends
  • All A’s in business
  • Awards for singing and writing

Downfalls of 2016:

  • Car accident
  • Rough times in my personal life
  • Crazy elections
  • Trump is president
  • Deaths of famous personalities and community members
  • Paris attacks
  • Terror in Aleppo and other countries

There might have been several terrible events that happened last year but don’t give up hope! Alhamdulillah (Praise God) for everything. Here is a video that will start off your new year with a laugh.

How was your New Year’s Eve and what were your highlights? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram @rafafarihah 

34 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016…Hello to a Fresh Start

      1. probably realising my self worth & not having to give in to people. got my proctoring job, mending family ties and writing a book. also successful college admissions! 🙂 not as great as yours haha but i still try my best to make my years count!

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      2. Oh please, you list is amazing. Oooh college admissions. I remember the struggle as a high school senior. It’s stressful initially, but you just have to remember that whatever happens, is for the best. Keep yourself busy so you don’t constantly check your application status every day lol. I was devastated when I didn’t get into my dream college but maybe I will go to an even better school for my masters. Who knows?

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      3. Oh my!! Yes. Relatable. Didn’t get my dream school too but I’ll make the best of what I have now. Thanks for the advice! It’s going great so far. Y’know I’m just trying to look ahead instead! Loads of hard work and I might just get what I want. Who knows? 😉

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    1. It was pretty good and I am definitely grateful for that. But I did struggle a lot as well because several life changing events happened both personal and impacting the nation. But hey, we learn from these things and we grow as people. Right?


      1. I wrote about it. I make changes throughout my year instead of saving them up. I can then put my concentration on the one or two things I have identified and then work at them until they become my norm. Then I tackle another area. Works way better for me.

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      2. Yeah, I figured that out quite a few years ago. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and 66 days to completely form a new habit. I have (as do most of us) way too many things going at once and to concentrate on changing and adding too many things just makes me want to rebel. This has made a huge difference for me.


      1. Oh happiness is definitely one on mine. It’s something I have been struggling with for a while. And it’s interesting how people would think doing what makes you happy is easy. We tend to do what is best for us rather than what makes us happy, which can be two completely different things.

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      1. I’m really glad & happy that you love my blog! Thankyou! ❤️ I love yours too – it’s fantastic! The ferris wheel is one of my favs too – it’s so gorgeous! I use my iPhone – not a professional camera. I edit some photos using the standard iPhone edit in photos & some photos I don’t really like to play with. For eg. the ferris wheel photo hasn’t been edited at all! 🙂


  1. I love the image of you and your friend getting caught recording your neighbors’ festivities. In your PJ’s no less. I think that PJ’s should become acceptable casual wear outside as much as in the house! As long as they are respectable PJ’s that is! 🙂 I hope you have an awesome 2017 and I look forward to more of your posts!

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    1. LOL don’t worry they were modest pajamas. Plus it was too cold outside to wear anything less (not that we would have anyway). It’s all about the tiny thrills that make my life moderately exciting. After all, it’s the little things that count most right?

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      1. Oh, I wasn’t worried about your PJ’s, I was just meaning if it became a “thing” some people might have to be conservative. I have a friend that took herself and her two kids to the doctor in onesies because they were all sick with the flu! I go out for the mail and to take garbage in mine! 🙂 And yes, the little things are the best!

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