6 Things Anyone Who Moves A Lot Knows


As a child, I was raised by parents who decided to move around every one or two years, whether it was because of a job far away, or shifting from an apartment to a suburban town home of our very own. Some people say “Oh I am sorry. That must have sucked,” but in retrospect, you think it was pretty awesome to get cultured in so many ways. Sure, it was stressful at first but I learned to adjust.


If you were one of those kids, you definitely relate to the following list:

1. Everyone assumes your dad was in the army.

And when you tell them he wasn’t, you have to sit through an entire conversation explaining why you moved so much, and how it really wasn’t as bad as they presume it to be.

2. Everywhere you travel, you will have a group of friends close by.

Going to Austin City Limits music festival and you need a place to crash? No problem! You know your bestie from high school goes to UT and she can totally hook you up with a place to stay.

3. You know how to determine which friends are keepers.

With the number of people you have met, you already know which guy is the jerk just by looking at him. You also know which friends are worth hanging on to for life. #squadgoals for real.

4.  College was an easier transition for you than it was for most people.

New place and new friends? You got this! Talking to people and starting fresh is your forte. You probably even have the emotional strength of a Scorpio and emanate confidence to all your peers.

5. When people ask you where you’re originally from, you tell them the place you lived longest or the place you lived last.

Be honest, your answer to this question changes a lot but who is there to check? I think it’s pretty awesome saying you are from New Jersey, Texas, and India.

6. Your personality is a combination of fragments from all the different places you lived in.

You wouldn’t have been the person you are today, even if you hadn’t lived in one of those areas. You got your accent from Kentucky, a huge appetite from Texas, your love for rap music from New York, and met your soul mate on a mission trip to China. Say what?

18 thoughts on “6 Things Anyone Who Moves A Lot Knows

  1. I can relate to this. I moved a lot too since I got married. Moved 4 times when in Singapore, then migrated to Egypt, moved 3 times, followed my kids for college in NY but stayed in New Jersey, then back to Egypt – oh! So tiring – but yes, very educational. I love it and will do it all over again.


  2. I lived at the same address my first eighteen years. I had a few moves in my college years until I moved to Eugene. I lived on a tiny road called Rasor Avenue and lived in three different houses. I have been in my current house in Eugene for fourteen years.


      1. Given some, shall we say, unpleasant current developments, I have been very concerned. I’m hoping things are going well for you and look forward to seeing more of your always wonderful blog.

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      2. Aww thank you so much. Of course I am a bit shaken up by the ongoing events but I know with the unity showcased at protests and all over the media, we can get through this together. Thanks for checking up on me. Means a lot 🙂 I hope you are well too.

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  3. That is great. I moved a lot when I was younger as well. Except, my father was in the army. My earliest memories are Germany, Netherlands, and Italy. Sometimes, I think it built a different perspective in me from the time I returned to the states. I do lovingly blame my parents for my wanderlust.

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