New York Bound and Newly Found

First thing’s first, let’s talk about how fast this summer has swung by. Life took over and the next thing I knew, I hadn’t blogged in months. College has me back in the rhythm of things and this fall weather is looking oh, so good. Hold your horses. It’s not boot season yet, folks.

So what have I been up to lately? Don’t worry, I wasn’t just lazing around all summer long on my couch binge watching Grey’s, as tempting as that sounds. I wouldn’t be putting this baby on the backburner if it wasn’t something big. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Snapchat (@rafafarihah), then you should know that I was spending my time as a news video intern at BuzzFeed New York. That’s right. New York City. You know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.00.45 AM

Interning for my dream company was, well… a dream. Prior to arriving there, I was fooled by the misconception most non-New Yorkers have โ€” New Yorkers are rude and cutthroat. The cutthroat part is true, but I’d have to differ with the part about people being rude. Making friends in the city is so easy that it’s scary how much easier it is than back home in Texas. Many of the people I met in Manhattan were either from upstate New York, New Jersey or from the Bay Area. They came to find a job and indulge in the city life, a part of which, is meeting new people. The immense diversity in New York is heartwarming to say the least.

My cousins in New Jersey were very generous to let me reside with them during my two-month stay. My hour-long commute on the NJ Transit to Penn Station gave me the chance to meet amazing people I normally wouldn’t have interacted with back home. Although most people kept to themselves during their commute, I decided to take on the challenge of making a new friend at least once a week on the train. This gave me the opportunity to meet a fashion student at Parsons, an author, a sweet Jewish woman, and a courtroom translator, among many others.

This was definitely a summer of firsts:

  • Flying alone
  • Finding my way through a new city
  • Trying food from the Tasty kitchen
  • Putting my complete trust in new friends
  • Dressing up every single day
  • Wearing heels to work (don’t worry, I wore sneakers on my commute)
  • Riding a subway
  • Facing my fear of swimming at the beach
  • Meeting my estranged cousins
  • Complete independence

There’s a part of me that has been newly found amid all the white noise that hindered me from discovering who I really am. All in all, the city has changed me forever. Till next time…

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  1. CJ Staryk says:

    I have a fear of swimming in the waters near New York City, not many other places, just New York City. ๐Ÿ˜€

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