A Quick Austin Food Guide

Recently, I spent a long weekend in Austin, TX with friends and had a spectacular time trying the best food places and most famous tourist attractions. Our main purpose of visiting was to attend a conference, but we went on quick food runs whenever we had spare time. And trust me, we got hungry.

The Path Unknown

The Path Unknown There was a road I longed to tread, with Rotten leaves and words unsaid. Unknown to all where this path leads, Sanguine I stay, must trust my creed. This hope shall lead my heart back home. My joy subdues the more this body roams, but Enchanted that my curiosity was fed. Today’s post was inspired…

Water, Water, Everywhere

water (n.) A major component of our sustenance, the cure to disease/cause of disease, the main composition of this Earth which we tread with our gentle footsteps that sink as deep as our burdened lives