10 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have the time or money to go out and buy new outfits whenever I have a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it’s a t-shirt that feels like sandpaper, high heels that are too tight, or some foundation stains on your blouse – there are creative ways to fix just about anything. If you are ever in a mini fashion crisis, here are some handy tricks to keep you looking fabulous.

1.Fix a Pilling Sweater by Rubbing the Pills With a Pumice Stone or a Razor.


Just when you open your closet and imagine the perfect outfit for the day, you see little fluff balls all over your sweater. Pilling sweaters can be so frustrating that you avoid wearing that sweater all together.

If I Was Your Teacher

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Stroll through life. Don’t overthink it. Don’t get caught up in the crowd. This is a poem for all the young girls in the world, and all the wonderful mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

If I Was Your Teacher

If the world were a classroom, the girls would be the stars.

I’d teach them to laugh and learn without fear,

give them a shoulder to lean on when they shed tears,

not scolded and mistreated, when we are unnerved.

I’d teach them to love unconditionally,

to listen to others, be unique and carefree.

Value their morals and treat all equally,

their hearts are oh so pure.

We must prepare them for the looming pain they’ll endure.

If I was your teacher,

I’d teach you how to forgive.

It lightens your heart, makes it easier to live.

No matter what they say, you are beautiful,

a sparkling star, a valuable emerald.

You are nothing less than a golden prize.

Tall, short, thin and stout,

black, white, blue, red, brown,

Everyone is treasure in God’s eyes.

If I was your teacher,

I’d teach you how to capture every moment in time,

to enjoy life to its fullest, without having to say goodbye.

As life goes on, you mature each step of the way,

I know when you’re older, you will be something great.

“Love as they are,” I would remind her every day,

it is the beauty within that must emanate.

Don’t change for the world, let the world change you.

Life is too short to let others tell you what to do.

If I was your teacher,

I’d tell you that life cannot be taught.

It is a cruel world, dear child,

I will teach you as much as I can,

but there is only so much I can do before you go out into the wild.

Fear not, baby girl, you must never give up.

For you have the mightiest weapon,

your voice is your strength.


Today’s post was inspired by The Daily Prompt: Stroll