From Fandom to Fashion


I peeked around the corner of the street and there they were. Hundreds of odd looking anime characters. Some presumably schoolgirls, and others, disturbingly ugly creatures that you’d think would haunt you in your nightmares during the depths of the night.



As I look back down memory lane or stare at childhood pictures of myself, the sole question I ask myself is “Who am I?” It’s almost as if I can’t recall growing up so fast.

One year ago, I turned 18. Finally a legal adult. Adult. How did I receive this label that I refuse to accept as a determination of who I am. College hit me hard and I sometimes feel that I need more time to live responsibility-free. I constantly find myself looking for answers, trying to find ways to inspire people, change a life, become a better person, friend, and daughter, pursue a degree, and break into the world of journalism. But then when you think about it. Does any of this stress really matter? Is it necessary?

The children at the mall run around free-spirited, unable to comprehend the concept of life, not knowing what they will do the next day, or what they need to get done. But then again, they don’t need to know because they couldn’t care less. I guess that makes sense. I would rather live life knowing there is a purpose and that there is always a higher “self” I am capable of achieving. When a child gets tired of the fun and games and has no idea what the world has in store for him, what next?

Do you ever feel the same way I do? What conclusion have you come to, or if not, what is on your mind? Let me know what you feel in the comments below.

This song always gets me in the feels. It makes me assess how to run my life and list out things I want to accomplish in this fleeting lifetime so I won’t regret it when I am 60.

TAKE A CHILL PILL : January 18

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I really don’t know. Don’t ask XD

*sigh* what some people will say to seem cool on national television. Have you been to Coachella?  Let me know in the comments below. It’s definitely on my bucket list, but I will be honest if a reporter comes up to me. I know your tricks, Kimmel.