Minimalism: Less is more


It’s officially the first day of fall but this Houston heat hasn’t backed down even a smidge. It might even be mid to late October till we get a cool breeze around here during the daytime. My wardrobe sure as hell won’t be waiting around for that (trust me, we’d be waiting till January for a decent drop in temperature).

It’s a new season, and I’ve got a new fashion approach I’m willing to take on. It’s trending, it’s in, and it’s what all the broke college kids are talking about these days — minimalism. You mean like minimal body coverage? Ummm, no. It doesn’t mean minimal effort either. Minimalism is about living with fewer material possessions and making the most of what you have so you can focus on what’s really important in life. This can mean redecorating your home in the simplest way possible, reducing clutter, and donating things you really don’t need.

7 Weird Hacks Everyone Needs to Know


Hello my loves! In case you don’t know, I just started my own Youtube channel and spent days filming and editing my latest video. This video is for everyone to enjoy, even if you happened to just stumble upon this site.

Life can be a little cloudy at times, so I am sure none of you will want pass up an opportunity to learn hacks to make life easier, and have a little laugh. I upload videos every Wednesday and I promise there will be something for everyone. PLEASE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and make a girl happy 😃

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Renovating My Entire Blog


Hello everyone! Keep hanging in there, it is almost Friday. At least in the United States, it is. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am at that stage as a blogger when I feel like I need more to achieve purpose from this website. I need a more professional, yet artsy feel to it. I have changed my blog logo and gravatar already and I am working on changing the theme as well. My previous URL was and we all know my blog is called “One More Shot Please.” So I changed my blog URL and I am in the process of customizing my domain to a mere, with no “.wordpress” latched on to the end. Registering a custom domain takes at most three days, so don’t freak out if you see an error when you click on my links till next Monday, or if it is completely unrecognizable.