The Soul of a Fighter


This  writhing,

                                 squamous body possesses

             the soul of a fighter.

       Observing every breath

 of its prey,


                                       plotting its demise,                              

                                                           the serpent                                                                                    

 opens it’s jaws     

                                                 and gives the creature

                                     the sweet kiss of


  Never ceasing

           to stalk until it grasps

 what it


Complete Yourself


The empty canvas stares, mocking her

fears meant to be poured out as vibrant splatters.

Beastly secrets seething in the artist’s soul gather,

pounding on the doors of Hell, summoning to be released.

Into a dream of fairy tales and lovers’ sacred decree.


The artist must choose, a life of murder or letting go.

Release the demons within, and row

the boat in a river of untouched goals.

She escapes to become one with God, her savior truly.

Takes off like a bird, and revels in the world’s trivial beauties.


Travel this game of life one place at a time,

Roll the dice and see where you go,

like a drop of rain before the rainbow.

Expand the bounds of your horizons, illuminate them with pastel.

Go conquer your fears, and complete yourself.


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Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home

Home is a place the heart yearns to be ,

when the silence of your mouth screams “set me free.”

A cave for your loneliness. A safe haven for your thoughts.

The thought of home reminds you of fresh pumpkin pie,

where your mother caresses you saying “apple of my eye.”

Where you recall being cooped up crying over a loss,

but having someone to hold you and promise it’s fine.

Home is a place where your inner roots intertwine.


The Path Unknown



The Path Unknown

There was a road I longed to tread, with

Rotten leaves and words unsaid.

Unknown to all where this path leads,

Sanguine I stay, must trust my creed.

This hope shall lead my heart back home.

My joy subdues the more this body roams, but

Enchanted that my curiosity was fed.

Today’s post was inspired by the Daily Prompt: Fork