5 Ways To Style One Dress


We all have that one dress we’d practically live in if we could, but need to strategically plan which events we to wear it to so people don’t notice the repeat (or maybe that’s just me). Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to dress down my favorite midi dress from Modanisa. Not only can you jazz up the dress with strappy heels or pumps, but now you can also flaunt that outfit during the daytime too!

Mesh shirt over striped dress | Rafa Farihah

Rafa on stairs wearing dress, shirt and block heels


By adding a top into the mix, it’s so easy to repurpose this dress as a skirt, creating a cute daytime outfit. This top from JCPenney is one of my favorites because it’s fun to style it with different patterns and textures. The mesh makes anything you wear under much more subtle. Of course, you have to pair the skirt with some block heels which, let’s be real, are much easier to walk in throughout the day. Although I wouldn’t recommend 4 inch heels for a stroll around town.

Rafa Farihah blue and yellow wall

Striped maxi with olive jacket and white sneakers


For the ultimate casual look, you can never go wrong with a denim jacket paired with white sneaks or even Converse. These white Champions are my all-time favorite sneakers because they go with literally every outfit. I’m pretty sure there was one week I wore only these shoes to college. Check them out at Payless for under $20! I highly recommend every single person own a pair of these. They are a wardrobe essential.

Rafa Farihah styling a dress with black booties and a beige sweater

Rafa Farihah Standing on staircase with dress, boots and sweater


It’s possible to wear your favorite maxi dress even during the fall or beginning of winter! All you have to do is throw on an oversized sweater and add a pair of heeled booties to complete the look. Feel free to play around with the sweater and boot styles to see what works best. You can try velvet, leather, suede and even patterned booties.  I am obsessed with turtlenecks so I like to mix and match them based on color and material. After all, textures can make or break a look.

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Believe it or not, Walmart has some of the cutest, most affordable sweaters I have seen so far. I’m not a fan of wearing heels, considering how much I love walking. Comfort is key with anything I wear, so I naturally fell in love with these 2-inch heeled booties from JustFab. Super easy to walk long distances in.

Pink wall with strap heels and red cardigan

Raising arm and showing Fossil Watch


Of course, we can’t forget about the classic cardigan. This is probably the easiest thing to throw on over a dress, either to accessorize or shield you from the cold. I like wearing vibrant cardigan colors to make the entire outfit stand out, but I’m also a fan of nude colored cardigans like beige, caramel and coffee brown to dress down.

faux fur vest over striped dress


Faux fur is my personal favorite way to make myself feel like a million bucks. We all need that one extra accessory to give us a confidence boost when we’re feeling ourselves. Charlotte Russe sells gorgeous faux fur coats in a variety of colors for under $25. I was so excited that I wore it right out of the store!

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